Famous Writer names that start with V

List of 12 writer names starting with V ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#43 overall rank
Victoria Holt
As in: Victoria Holt
Medal 2
#123 overall rank
Vincent Bugliosi
As in: Vincent Bugliosi
Born on August 18, 1934
Medal 3
#148 overall rank
Valerie Plame Wilson
As in: Valerie Plame Wilson
Born on April 19, 1963
Medal 4
#213 overall rank
Victor Marchetti
As in: Victor Marchetti
Medal 5
#311 overall rank
Vanessa Diffenbaugh
As in: Vanessa Diffenbaugh
Medal 6
#405 overall rank
Veronica Roth
As in: Veronica Roth
Born on August 19, 1988
Medal 7
#540 overall rank
Virginia Hamilton
As in: Virginia Hamilton
Born on March 12, 1936
Medal 8
#978 overall rank
Vance Packard
As in: Vance Packard
Born on May 22, 1914
Medal 9
#1360 overall rank
Vince M. Bertram
As in: Vince M. Bertram
Medal 10
#1643 overall rank
Vladimir Dudintsev
As in: Vladimir Dudintsev
Medal 11
#1947 overall rank
Van Wyck Brooks
As in: Van Wyck Brooks
Medal 12
#18720 overall rank
Vi Keeland
As in: Vi Keeland