Famous Writer names that start with K

List of 12 writer names starting with K ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#135 overall rank
Katherine Wigmore Eyre
As in: Katherine Wigmore Eyre
Medal 2
#156 overall rank
Kevin Phillips
As in: Kevin Phillips
Born on July 25, 1973
Medal 3
#185 overall rank
Kimberly McCreight
As in: Kimberly McCreight
Medal 4
#239 overall rank
Kobe Bryant
As in: Kobe Bryant
Born on August 23, 1978
Medal 5
#243 overall rank
Kenneth Blanchard
As in: Kenneth Blanchard
Medal 6
#411 overall rank
Kate Gosselin
As in: Kate Gosselin
Born on March 28, 1975
Medal 7
#536 overall rank
Kathryn Stockett
As in: Kathryn Stockett
Medal 8
#540 overall rank
Kendall Hart
As in: Kendall Hart
Medal 9
#551 overall rank
Kendra Wilkinson
As in: Kendra Wilkinson
Born on June 12, 1985
Medal 10
#596 overall rank
Keith Ablow
As in: Keith Ablow
Born on November 23, 1961
Medal 11
#610 overall rank
Kyle Samuel Crichton
As in: Kyle Samuel Crichton
Medal 12
#1203 overall rank
Kelly Corrigan
As in: Kelly Corrigan
Born on August 17, 1967