Famous Writer names that start with F

List of 14 writer names starting with F ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#416 overall rank
Frances Fitzgerald
As in: Frances Fitzgerald
Medal 2
#425 overall rank
Frank Herbert
As in: Frank Herbert
Medal 3
#485 overall rank
Frederick Forsyth
As in: Frederick Forsyth
Medal 4
#654 overall rank
Fletcher Knebel
As in: Fletcher Knebel
Medal 5
#687 overall rank
Medal 6
#878 overall rank
Francis Collins
As in: Francis Collins
Medal 7
#932 overall rank
Flora Armitage
As in: Flora Armitage
Medal 8
#1570 overall rank
Fern Michaels
As in: Fern Michaels
Medal 9
#1819 overall rank
Fred Lawrence Guiles
As in: Fred Lawrence Guiles
Medal 10
#2038 overall rank
Fulton Sheen
As in: Fulton Sheen
Born on May 08, 1895
Medal 11
#2561 overall rank
Medal 12
#2611 overall rank
Fritz Peters
As in: Fritz Peters
Medal 13
#2641 overall rank
Francine du Plessix Gray
As in: Francine du Plessix Gray
Medal 14
#3331 overall rank
Frederic Prokosch
As in: Frederic Prokosch
Born on May 17, 1906