Famous Singer names that start with W

List of 10 singer names starting with W ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#5 overall rank
William Redmond
As in: William Redmond
Medal 2
#274 overall rank
Walter Egan
As in: Walter Egan
Born on June 2, 1881
Medal 3
#340 overall rank
Wade Flemons
As in: Wade Flemons
Medal 4
#655 overall rank
Wilson Pickett
As in: Wilson Pickett
Born on March 18, 1941
Medal 5
#773 overall rank
Wayne Fontana
As in: Wayne Fontana
Born on October 28, 1945
Medal 6
#947 overall rank
Will Oakland
As in: Will Oakland
Medal 7
#1094 overall rank
Winifred Atwell
As in: Winifred Atwell
Medal 8
#1697 overall rank
Whitney Houston
As in: Whitney Houston
Born on August 9, 1963
Medal 9
#2096 overall rank
Wendell Hall
As in: Wendell Hall
Medal 10
#2098 overall rank
Willie Howard
As in: Willie Howard