Famous Singer names that start with K

List of 7 singer names starting with K ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#135 overall rank
Katherine Alexander
As in: Katherine Alexander
Medal 2
#156 overall rank
Kevin Gates
As in: Kevin Gates
Born on February 5, 1986
Medal 3
#185 overall rank
Kimberly Nichole
As in: Kimberly Nichole
Medal 4
#411 overall rank
Kate Smith
As in: Kate Smith
Born on May 1, 1907
Medal 5
#427 overall rank
Kendrick Lamar
As in: Kendrick Lamar
Born on June 17, 1987
Medal 6
#596 overall rank
Keith Washington
As in: Keith Washington
Medal 7
#1203 overall rank
Kelly Clarkson
As in: Kelly Clarkson
Born on April 24, 1982