Famous Singer names that start with H

List of 9 singer names starting with H ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#9 overall rank
Henry Burr
As in: Henry Burr
Medal 2
#39 overall rank
Hannah Montana
As in: Hannah Montana
Medal 3
#364 overall rank
Hector Tricoche
As in: Hector Tricoche
Medal 4
#413 overall rank
Harvey Hindermyer
As in: Harvey Hindermyer
Medal 5
#424 overall rank
Helen Reddy
As in: Helen Reddy
Born on October 25, 1941
Medal 6
#482 overall rank
Hank Mizell
As in: Hank Mizell
Medal 7
#720 overall rank
Harry Styles
As in: Harry Styles
Born on February 1, 1994
Medal 8
#932 overall rank
Harold Dorman
As in: Harold Dorman
Medal 9
#1035 overall rank
Howard Hewett
As in: Howard Hewett
Born on October 1, 1955