Famous Singer names that start with C

List of 14 singer names starting with C ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#42 overall rank
Christopher Cross
As in: Christopher Cross
Born on May 03, 1951
Medal 2
#52 overall rank
Charles Wright
As in: Charles Wright
Medal 3
#81 overall rank
Christian Nodal
As in: Christian Nodal
Medal 4
#137 overall rank
Carlos Vives
As in: Carlos Vives
Medal 5
#143 overall rank
Calvin Harris
As in: Calvin Harris
Medal 6
#186 overall rank
Charlie Zaa
As in: Charlie Zaa
Medal 7
#301 overall rank
Cristian Castro
As in: Cristian Castro
Medal 8
#377 overall rank
Clark Dennis
As in: Clark Dennis
Medal 9
#439 overall rank
Christina Aguilera
As in: Christina Aguilera
Medal 10
#483 overall rank
Carly Simon
As in: Carly Simon
Medal 11
#503 overall rank
Celine Dion
As in: Celine Dion
Medal 12
#616 overall rank
Curtis Mayfield
As in: Curtis Mayfield
Medal 13
#945 overall rank
Corey Hart
As in: Corey Hart
Born on May 31, 1962
Medal 14
#1250 overall rank
Chris Brown
As in: Chris Brown
Born on May 05, 1989