Meli: how popular and famous is this name?

Curious to know how many people were given the name Meli in 2022 in the USA and how popular was Meli in the past? In this page you will discover the popularity rank of the name Meli over the years and how many girls were named Meli in the past 124 years. Also you will find a list of famous people and celebrities named Meli across different areas such as Entertainment (Actors, Directors, Singers), Sports, Business, Literature, Politics, Science, Arts, Technology and Journalism.

How popular is the name Meli?

According to the 2022 US Census Data, the name Meli holds the 10875th position in popularity among girl names. This means that out of 72228 names, Meli is ranked as the 10875th most popular. In 2022, a total of 9 baby girls in the USA were named Meli.

📋 When was the name Meli most popular and famous in the USA?

According to the US Census records and data, the name Meli reached its peak popularity in the United States in 2020. During that year, Meli ranked #15561 out of 72228 names. It is noteworthy that Meli has never reached the top 100 most popular names.

📋 When was the name Meli least popular in the USA?

According to the US Census records and data, the name Meli was at its least popular and relatively rare in the United States in 2010. During that year, Meli ranked #39642 in popularity, indicating that out of 72228 names, only 0 girls were given the name Meli.

📋 When were there more babies named Meli in the USA?

Since 1900, the year with the highest number of babies named Meli was 2020.

📋 When were there fewer babies named Meli in the USA?

Since 1900, the year with the fewest babies named Meli was 2001.

📋 Is Meli predominantly a boy or girl name ?

Meli is predominantly a girl name, with 0.0% of Melis being boys and 100.0% of Melis being girls.

📋 How many Melis have there been in the USA?

From 1900 to 2022, there have been 148 people named Meli in the USA, comprising 0 boys and 148 girls.

📋 When was Meli first recorded as a name in the USA?

Meli was first recorded as a girl's name in 1986 and never as a boy's name.

📋 When did the usage of the name Meli's experience the most significant increase over the past 124 years?

Meli's saw its most substantial increase in 2020 when 11 babies were named Meli, marking an 83% increase compared to the previous year.

📋 When did the usage of the name Meli experience the most significant decrease over the past 124 years?

Meli's usage decreased the most in 1987 when 0 babies were named Meli, reflecting a --100% decrease compared to the previous year.

Famous Melis

Here's the list of individuals named Meli who have gained notable recognition or achieved prominence in various fields. These individuals might have made significant contributions in areas like Entertainment, Sports, Business, History, Literature, Politics, Science, Arts and Technology.

💼 Famous Melis in Business

Here's a list of individuals named Meli who have gained significant recognition and made substantial contributions within the realm of business and entrepreneurship. These business celebrities have played pivotal roles in shaping industries, founding successful companies, and demonstrating exceptional leadership or innovation in their respective fields:

Meli Hsieh
Meli Hsieh
  • Born: December 12, 1973
  • Age: 50
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius

Co-founder of Zappos.

Meli Melo
Meli Melo
  • Born: May 25, 1980
  • Age: 44
  • Birth sign: Gemini

Founder of a successful fashion brand.

📚 Famous Melis in Literature

Here' a list of famous people named Meli who made notable contributions within the field of literature, including authors, poets, playwrights, or scholars known for their literary works, critical writings, or influence in the literary world:

Meli Lorca
Meli Lorca
  • Born: September 28, 1965
  • Died: July 16, 2010
  • Birth sign: Libra

Acclaimed author of several best-selling novels.

Meli Molina
Meli Molina
  • Born: May 12, 1971
  • Age: 53
  • Birth sign: Taurus

Renowned poet known for her evocative verses.

Meli Clarke
Meli Clarke
  • Born: November 3, 1980
  • Age: 43
  • Birth sign: Scorpio

Innovative playwright known for pushing boundaries.

🏛️ Famous Melis in Politics

Here's a list famous people named Meli who have held significant political positions, played influential roles in government, advocated for specific causes or reforms, or had a lasting impact on political discourse or policy-making:

Meli Abdullah
Meli Abdullah
  • Born: March 25, 1980
  • Age: 44
  • Birth sign: Aries

Known for her work in promoting women's rights in politics.

Meli Ramos
Meli Ramos
  • Born: August 12, 1975
  • Age: 48
  • Birth sign: Leo

Served as a senator advocating for education reform.

Meli Garcia
Meli Garcia
  • Born: November 30, 1968
  • Age: 55
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius

Represented her country in international peace negotiations.

🎨 Famous Melis in Arts

Here's a list of of individuals named Meli who have gained recognition within the realm of arts and creative expression, including artists, musicians, actors, directors, or influential figures known for their artistic talents, contributions to cultural movements, or their impact on the arts:

Meli Perez
Meli Perez
  • Born: July 14, 1985
  • Age: 38
  • Birth sign: Cancer

Latin music sensation with a powerful voice and captivating stage presence.

  • Born: September 21, 1986
  • Age: 37
  • Birth sign: Virgo

Renowned singer known for her powerful vocals.

Meli Rinaldi
Meli Rinaldi
  • Born: March 21, 1968
  • Age: 56
  • Birth sign: Aries

Renowned Italian painter known for vibrant abstract art.

Interesting facts about the name Meli

📕 What are name variants for the name Meli?

Meli's variants and other similar names include: Aili, Ali, Bali, Bell, Cali, Celia, Del, Dell, Eli, Hali, Juli, Keili, Maji, Mea, Meg, Melina, Mella, Merl, Merle, Merri, Mesa, Meta, Miki, Mila, Mimi, Myla, Nel, Nell, Sela, Tali, Alli, Bel, Belia, Ceili, Cela, Cele, Celie, Celli, Cili, Dela, Delia, Delie, Delli, Elli, Emeli, Helia, Joli, Kaeli, Kali, Keeli, Kelli, Kyli, Lali, Lela, Lelia, Lili, Maci, Maemi, Magli, Mai, Mal, Mala, Malia, Mari, Mead, Meda, Media, Medie, Meelia, Meggi, Mei, Melani, Melba, Melida, Meline, Melisa, Melise, Melita, Meliza, Mellie, Melly, Melodi, Meloni, Melva, Melvie, Melya, Mena, Mera, Merla, Meya, Milli, Miri, Moll, Molli, Nela, Nelia, Nelli, Pali, Pelia, Poli, Selia, Selie, Ulli, Zele, Zelia, Zelie

📕 How to pronounce Meli?

Meli' pronunciation is \m(e)-li\

📕 What are other popular names that start with M?

Other popular names that start with M include: Mia, Mateo, Michael, Mila, Mason, Matthew, Maya, Maverick, Miles, Madison.
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