Jessica: how popular and famous is this name?

Curious to know how many people were given the name Jessica in 2022 in the USA and how popular was Jessica in the past? In this page you will discover the popularity rank of the name Jessica over the years and how many girls were named Jessica in the past 124 years. Also you will find a list of famous people and celebrities named Jessica across different areas such as Entertainment (Actors, Directors, Singers), Sports, Business, Literature, Politics, Science, Arts, Technology and Journalism.

How popular is the name Jessica?

According to the 2022 US Census Data, the name Jessica holds the 508th position in popularity among girl names. This means that out of 72228 names, Jessica is ranked as the 508th most popular. In 2022, a total of 617 baby girls in the USA were named Jessica.

📋 When was the name Jessica most popular and famous in the USA?

According to the US Census records and data, the name Jessica reached its peak popularity in the United States in 1987. During that year, Jessica ranked #2 out of 72228 names. It is noteworthy that Jessica has consistently performed well, making it to the top 10 most popular names chart 15 times and the top 100 most popular names chart 34 times since 1900.

📋 When was the name Jessica least popular in the USA?

According to the US Census records and data, the name Jessica was at its least popular and relatively rare in the United States in 1925. During that year, Jessica ranked #2475 in popularity, indicating that out of 72228 names, only 34 girls were given the name Jessica.

📋 When were there more babies named Jessica in the USA?

Since 1900, the year with the highest number of babies named Jessica was 1987.

📋 When were there fewer babies named Jessica in the USA?

Since 1900, the year with the fewest babies named Jessica was 1901.

📋 Is Jessica predominantly a boy or girl name ?

Jessica is predominantly a girl name, with 0.3% of Jessicas being boys and 99.7% of Jessicas being girls.

📋 How many Jessicas have there been in the USA?

From 1900 to 2022, there have been 1052544 people named Jessica in the USA, comprising 3579 boys and 1048965 girls.

📋 When was Jessica first recorded as a name in the USA?

Jessica was first recorded as a boy's name in 1963 and as a girl's name in 1900.

📋 When did the usage of the name Jessica's experience the most significant increase over the past 124 years?

Jessica's saw its most substantial increase in 1946 when 240 babies were named Jessica, marking an 82% increase compared to the previous year.

📋 When did the usage of the name Jessica experience the most significant decrease over the past 124 years?

Jessica's usage decreased the most in 1901 when 8 babies were named Jessica, reflecting a --65% decrease compared to the previous year.

Famous Jessicas

Here's the list of individuals named Jessica who have gained notable recognition or achieved prominence in various fields. These individuals might have made significant contributions in areas like Entertainment, Sports, Business, History, Literature, Politics, Science, Arts and Technology.

🎉 Famous Jessicas in Entertainment

People named Jessica who became popular in the entertainment industry as they have excelled in various facets of entertainment, including acting, directing, music, and other creative pursuits.

🎭 What famous actresses are named Jessica?

Here's a list of famous actresses named Jessica and the movies they have starred in:

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba
  • Born: April 28, 1981
  • Age: 42
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • No. of movies: 36

American actress who rose to prominence in television and film in the late 1990s.

Famous for: The Love Guru, An Invisible Sign, Some Kind of Beautiful, Sin City

Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel
  • Born: March 3, 1982
  • Age: 41
  • Birth sign: Pisces
  • No. of movies: 33

American singer, model, and actress.

Famous for: London, Next, Home of the Brave, Easy Virtue

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson
  • Born: July 10, 1980
  • Age: 43
  • Birth sign: Cancer
  • No. of movies: 8

American actress, singer, fashion designer, and television personality who made her debut in 1999.

Famous for: The Love Guru, The Dukes of Hazzard, Employee of the Month, Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous

🎬 What famous directors are named Jessica ?

Here's a list of famous directors named Jessica and the movies they have directed:

Jessica Hausner
Jessica Hausner
    • No. of movies: 6

    Movie director.

    Famous for: Lourdes, Amour Fou, Hotel, Lovely Rita [Region 2]

    Jessica Sharzer
    Jessica Sharzer
      • No. of movies: 4

      Movie director.

      Famous for: Layup, Speak, Girls on Film 2, Speak

      🎤 What famous singers are named Jessica?

      Here's a list of famous singers named Jessica and their songs:

      Jessica Cristina
      Jessica Cristina
        • No. of songs: 4

        Song author.

        Famous for: Cosquillas En El Corazon, Aprendiendo a Querer, Me Quiero Ir (Collector's Edition) - EP, Mas Alla

        🏆 Famous Jessicas in Sports

        Here's a list of individuals named Jessica who have achieved notable recognition and made significant contributions within the realm of Sports. These celebrities have excelled in various sports, whether as athletes, coaches, or influential figures in sports administration:

        Jessica Long
        Jessica Long
        • Born: February 29, 1992
        • Age: 31
        • Birth sign: Pisces

        Jessica long is a paralympic swimmer known for winning 23 paralympic medals and setting multiple world records.

        📚 Famous Jessicas in Literature

        Here' a list of famous people named Jessica who made notable contributions within the field of literature, including authors, poets, playwrights, or scholars known for their literary works, critical writings, or influence in the literary world:

        Jessica Mitford
        Jessica Mitford
        • Born: September 11, 1917
        • Birth sign: Virgo

        British writer.

        Famous for: Hons and Rebels (New York Review Books Classics), The American Way of Death Revisited, Kind and Usual Punishment: The Prison Business, Poison Penmanship: The Gentle Art of Muckraking (New York Review Books Classics)

        Jessica Knoll
        Jessica Knoll


          Famous for: Luckiest Girl Alive: A Novel, The Favorite Sister, La hermana favorita (Spanish Edition), La chica que lo tenia todo (Spanish Edition)

          Jessica Sorensen
          Jessica Sorensen


            Famous for: Signed with a Kiss: Books 1-3, Monster Academy for the Magical 4: The Monster Clique (Monster Academy for the Magical Series), Chasing Promises (Capturing Magic Series Book 3), Discovering Benton (My Life with the Band Book 1)

            Jessica Seinfeld
            Jessica Seinfeld
            • Born: September 13, 1971
            • Age: 52
            • Birth sign: Virgo


            Famous for: Food Swings: 125+ Recipes to Enjoy Your Life of Virtue & Vice: A Cookbook, Deceptively Delicious: Simple Secrets to Get Your Kids Eating Good Food, The Can't Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified!, Deceptively Delicious

            🏛️ Famous Jessicas in Politics

            Here's a list famous people named Jessica who have held significant political positions, played influential roles in government, advocated for specific causes or reforms, or had a lasting impact on political discourse or policy-making:

            Jessica Upshaw
            Jessica Upshaw
            • Born: August 31, 1959
            • Age: 64
            • Birth sign: Virgo

            American lawyer and politician (d. 2013).

            Interesting facts about the name Jessica

            📕 What is the meaning and origin of the name Jessica?

            Jessica means He sees

            📕 What are name variants for the name Jessica?

            Jessica's variants and other similar names include: Jesenia, Jessa, Jessamyn, Jesse, Jessenia, Jessie, Jassica, Jecca, Jesaca, Jesca, Jesica, Jesicca, Jesika, Jess, Jessaca, Jessah, Jessaka, Jessalin, Jessalyn, Jessca, Jesscia, Jesseca, Jessey, Jessia, Jessicia, Jessicka, Jessika, Jessiqua, Jessiya, Jessy, Jessyca, Jessyka, Jesyka, Jezeca, Jezica, Jezika, Jezyca, Jyssika, Lajessica, Tessica, Tjessica, Yessica

            📕 How to pronounce Jessica?

            Jessica' pronunciation is \j(e)-ssi-ca\

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            Other popular names that start with J include: James, Jack, Jackson, John, Joseph, Jacob, Julian, Josiah, Joshua, Jayden.
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