Wilbur is a boy name. It is a German name and its pronunciation is \wi(l)-bur\. Other similar names and variants include: Wilber, Wilbert, Willbur. Wilbur is a very popular first name for men (#341 out of 1220) and also a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#2977 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Wilbur:

  • Wilbur Smith (writer) born on January 9, 1933.
  • Wilbur J Cohen born on June 10, 1913.
  • Wilbur McGaugh (actor)
  • Wilbur Mills born on May 25, 1909.
  • Wilbur Ross born on November 29, 1937.
  • Wilbur Wright born on April 17, 1867.
  • Wilbur Evans (actor)
  • Wilbur Higby (actor)
  • Wilbur Mack (actor)
  • Wilbur Shaw (writer)
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Famous actors named Wilbur and their movies

Wilbur Higby
Wilbur Higby
  • No. of movies: 11

Hoodoo Ann

Directed by: Lloyd Ingraham

Starring: Mae Marsh, Robert Harron, William H. Brown, Wilbur Higby

Country: United States of America

Desert Blossoms

Directed by: Arthur Rosson

Starring: William Russell, Helen Ferguson, Wilbur Higby, Willis Robards

By Proxy

Directed by: Clifford Smith

Starring: Roy Stewart, Maude Wayne, Walter Perry, Wilbur Higby


Directed by: Francis J. Grandon

Starring: Charles Clary, Alfred Paget, Francelia Billington, Wilbur Higby

Wilbur Evans
Wilbur Evans
  • No. of movies: 2
Her First Romance

Her First Romance

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Starring: Edith Fellows, Wilbur Evans, Julie Bishop, Alan Ladd

Musical Comedy Time

Starring: Melville Cooper, Billy Gilbert, Henry Calvin, Wilbur Evans

Country: United States of America

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Famous writers named Wilbur and their books

Wilbur Shaw
Wilbur Shaw
  • No. of books: 2
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines


Notes from the dust jacket: "This book is for the millions of automobile owners who understand that the purpose and function of the automobile are to get there fast now, and even faster."

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