Sami is a boy name and means on high, exalted. It is a Arabic name and its pronunciation is \s(a)-mi\. Other similar names and variants include: Cam, Ham, Jamie, Jimi, Kaimi, Kam, Ram, Rama, Rami, Ramy, Remi, Saad, Sage, Said, Sail, Sal, Salim, Sammie, Sammy, Saul, Si, Sim, Sima, Syms, Tam, Umi, Zaki. Sami is not a popular first name for men and an equally uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Sami:

  • Sami Naïr born on August 23, 1946.
  • Sami Bouajila (actor) born on May 12, 1966.
  • Sami Lukis (actor) born on April 8, 1970.
  • Sami Khedira born on April 4, 1987.
  • Sami Gayle (actress) born on January 22, 1996.
  • Sami Savonrinne (actor)
  • Sami Yusuf born on July 19, 1980.
  • Sami Ibrahim Haddad
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Famous actors named Sami and their movies

Sami Bouajila
Sami Bouajila

Born on May 12, 1966

  • Age: 57
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • No. of movies: 9

The Adventures of Felix

Directed by: Olivier Ducastel, Jacques Martineau

Starring: Sami Bouajila, Patachou, Ariane Ascaride, Pierre-Loup Rajot

Ultimate Heist

Directed by: Laurent Tuel

Starring: Jean Reno, Gaspard Ulliel, Vahina Giocante, Sami Bouajila


Directed by: Julien Leclercq

Starring: Jean-Claude Van Damme, Kevin Janssens, Sami Bouajila, Sveva Alviti


Directed by: Rachid Bouchareb

Starring: Jamel Debbouze, Samy Naceri, Sami Bouajila

Country: France

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