Margarete is a girl name and means pearl. It is a Greek name and its pronunciation is \m(a)-rgare-te, mar-ga-rete\. Other similar names and variants include: Margaretta, Margarit, Margarita, Margaruite, Margeret, Margret, Margreth, Margrett, Marguarette, Margurite. Margarete is a very popular first name for women (#1798 out of 4276) but an uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Margarete:

  • Margarete Tiesel born on February 22, 1959.
  • Margarete Susman
  • Margarete Bentlage born on March 24, 1891.
  • Margarete Haagen (actress) born on November 29, 1889.
  • Margarete Schön (actress) born on April 7, 1895.
  • Margarete Buchholz (actor)
  • Margarete Kupfer (actor)
  • Margarete Boie
  • Margarete Ferida (director)
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Famous actors named Margarete and their movies

Margarete Schön
Margarete Schön

Born on April 7, 1895

  • Age: 128
  • Birth sign: Aries
  • No. of movies: 6

Die goldene Krone

Directed by: Alfred Halm

Starring: Henny Porten, Paul Hartmann, Hugo Pahlke, Margarete Schön


Directed by: Hans H. Zerlett

Starring: Joe Stöckel, Fita Benkhoff, Ursula Deinert, Margarete Schön


Directed by: Fritz Lang

Starring: Paul Richter, Margarete Schön, Theodor Loos, Gertrud Arnold

Country: United States of America

Die Entlassung

Directed by: Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Starring: Emil Jannings, Margarete Schön, Christian Kayßler, Theodor Loos

Margarete Haagen
Margarete Haagen

Born on November 29, 1889

  • Age: 133
  • Birth sign: Sagittarius
  • No. of movies: 5

Under the Bridges

Directed by: Helmut Käutner

Starring: Hannelore Schroth, Carl Raddatz, Gustav Knuth, Margarete Haagen

Country: United States of America

Ich klage an

Directed by: Wolfgang Liebeneiner

Starring: Heidemarie Hatheyer, Paul Hartmann, Mathias Wieman, Margarete Haagen

Grün ist die Heide

Directed by: Hans Deppe

Starring: Hans Stüwe, Sonja Ziemann, Otto Gebühr, Margarete Haagen

Die Mädels vom Immenhof

Die Mädels vom Immenhof

Directed by: Wolfgang Schleif

Starring: Angelika Meissner, Heidi Brühl, Christiane König, Margarete Haagen

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