Lucile is a girl name and means light. It is a Latin name and its pronunciation is \l(u)-ci-le\. Other similar names and variants include: Lucie, Lucine. Lucile is a very popular first name for women (#681 out of 4276) but an uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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  • Lucile Beck born on December 29, 1891.
  • Lucile Gleason (actor)
  • Lucile Browne (actor)
  • Lucile Saint-Simon (actor)
  • Lucile Taft (actor)
  • Lucile Hadzihalilovic (director)
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Famous actors named Lucile and their movies

Lucile Browne
Lucile Browne
  • No. of movies: 12
Texas Terror

Texas Terror

Directed by: Robert N. Bradbury

Starring: John Wayne, Lucile Browne, LeRoy Mason, Fern Emmett

Country: United States of America

Rainbow Valley

Directed by: Robert N. Bradbury

Starring: John Wayne, Lucile Browne, George 'Gabby' Hayes, LeRoy Mason

The Last of the Duanes

Directed by: Alfred L. Werker

Starring: George O'Brien, Lucile Browne, Myrna Loy, Walter McGrail

Danger Island

Directed by: Ray Taylor

Starring: Kenneth Harlan, Lucile Browne, Tom Ricketts, Walter Miller

Lucile Gleason
Lucile Gleason
  • No. of movies: 5
Red Lights Ahead

Red Lights Ahead

Directed by: Roland D. Reed

Starring: Andy Clyde, Lucile Gleason, Roger Imhof, Ben Alexander

Meet the Missus

Directed by: Arvid E. Gillstrom

Starring: James Gleason, Lucile Gleason, Helen Mehrmann, Eddy Waller

Should Husbands Work?

Directed by: Gus Meins

Starring: James Gleason, Lucile Gleason, Russell Gleason, Harry Davenport

She's in the Army

Directed by: Jean Yarbrough

Starring: Lucile Gleason, Marie Wilson, Veda Ann Borg, Robert Lowery

Lucile Saint-Simon
Lucile Saint-Simon
  • No. of movies: 4
Les Bonnes Femmes

Les Bonnes Femmes

Directed by: Claude Chabrol

Starring: Bernadette Lafont, Clotilde Joano, Stéphane Audran, Lucile Saint-Simon

The Hands of Orlac

Directed by: Edmond T. Gréville

Starring: Mel Ferrer, Dany Carrel, Christopher Lee, Lucile Saint-Simon

Tendre et violente Elisabeth

Directed by: Henri Decoin

Starring: Christian Marquand, Lucile Saint-Simon, Jean Houbé, Marie Déa

Le dernier quart d'heure

Directed by: Roger Saltel

Starring: Georges Rivière, Lucile Saint-Simon, René Havard, Dora Doll

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