Leighton is a boy name and means meadow settlement. It is a English name and its pronunciation is \le(i)-gh-ton\. Other similar names and variants include: Layton, Leyton. Leighton is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#3895 out of 88799).
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  • Leighton Meester (actress) born on April 9, 1986.
  • Leighton Noble born on December 25, 1912.
  • Leighton Lucas born on January 5, 1903.
  • Leighton Flores born on November 12, 1997.
  • Leighton Lucas
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Famous actors named Leighton and their movies

Leighton Meester
Leighton Meester

Born on April 9, 1986

  • Age: 36
  • Birth sign: Aries
  • No. of movies: 14

That's My Boy

Directed by: Sean Anders

Starring: Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Leighton Meester, Susan Sarandon

Country: United States of America

Drive Thru

Directed by: Brendan Cowles, Shane Kuhn

Starring: Leighton Meester, Nicholas D'Agosto, Melora Hardin, Lola Glaudini

Life Partners

Directed by: Susanna Fogel

Starring: Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Brody, Gabourey Sidibe


Directed by: Jeff Mahler

Starring: Nicholas D'Agosto, Cheryl White, Kevin Kilner, Leighton Meester

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