Kara is a girl name. It is a Latin name and its pronunciation is \k(a)-ra\. Other similar names and variants include: Cara, Kaira, Karah, Karalee, Karalie, Karalyn, Karalynn, Karee, Kari, Kariana, Kariann, Karianna, Karianne, Karie, Karielle, Karrah, Karri, Karrie, Kary, Katherine. Kara is a very popular first name for women (#381 out of 4276) and also a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#37701 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Kara:

  • Kara Dioguardi born on December 9, 1970.
  • Kara Tointon (actor) born on August 5, 1983.
  • Kara Wilson born on June 18, 1944.
  • Kara Drew born on July 15, 1975.
  • Kara Hayward (actress) born on November 17, 1998.
  • Kara Killmer (actor) born on June 14, 1988.
  • Kara Lindsay (actress) born on February 16, 1985.
  • Kara and Shelby Hoffman born on August 2, 2002.
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Famous actors named Kara and their movies

Kara Tointon
Kara Tointon

Born on August 5, 1983

  • Age: 39
  • Birth sign: Leo
  • No. of movies: 2
Last Passenger

Last Passenger

Directed by: Omid Nooshin

Starring: Dougray Scott, Kara Tointon, Iddo Goldberg, David Schofield

Let's Be Evil

Directed by: Martin Owen

Starring: Isabelle Allen, Kara Tointon, Jamie Bernadette, Elliot James Langridge

Kara Hayward
Kara Hayward

Born on November 17, 1998

  • Age: 24
  • Birth sign: Scorpio
  • No. of movies: 2
Moonrise Kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom

Directed by: Wes Anderson

Starring: Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward, Bruce Willis, Bill Murray

Country: United States of America


Directed by: Jim Jarmusch

Starring: Adam Driver, Golshifteh Farahani, Nellie, Rizwan Manji

Country: United States of America

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