Jimmie is a boy name and means he who supplants. It is a Hebrew name and its pronunciation is \j(im)-mie\. Other similar names and variants include: Jaimie, Jamie, Jaymie, Jimi, Jimmey, Jimmy, Lemmie, Sammie, Tommie. Jimmie is a very popular first name for men (#260 out of 1220) but an uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Jimmie:

  • Jimmie Rodgers (pop singer) born on September 18, 1933.
  • Jimmie MacGregor born on March 10, 1930.
  • Jimmie Adams (actor)
  • Jimmie Vaughan born on March 20, 1951.
  • Jimmie Lunceford born on June 6, 1902.
  • Jimmie Rodgers (Musician) born on September 8, 1897.
  • Jimmie McCracklin (Musician)
  • Jimmie Dodd (actor) born on March 28, 1910.
  • Jimmie Dundee (actor)
  • Jimmie Walker (actor) born on June 25, 1947.
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Famous actors named Jimmie and their movies

Jimmie Adams
Jimmie Adams
  • No. of movies: 46

A Tight Squeeze

Directed by: Jack White

Starring: Lloyd Hamilton, Ethel Teare, Jimmie Adams, Charles Dorety

From Soup to Nuts

Directed by: Noel M. Smith

Starring: Sidney Smith, Jimmie Adams

Game Birds

Directed by: Noel M. Smith

Starring: Sidney Smith, Jimmie Adams

A Fresh Start

Directed by: Jack White

Starring: Lige Conley, Jimmie Adams, Marvel Rea, Frank J. Coleman

Jimmie Dundee
Jimmie Dundee
  • No. of movies: 1
At War with the Army

At War with the Army

Directed by: Hal Walker

Starring: Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Mike Kellin, Jimmie Dundee

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Famous singers named Jimmie and their songs

Jimmie Rodgers
Jimmie Rodgers

Born on September 8, 1897

  • Age:
  • Birth sign: Virgo
  • No. of songs: 3
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