Italia is a girl name.
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  • Italia Ricci born on October 29, 1986.
  • Italia Manzini born on June 3, 1890.
  • Italia Coppola born on December 12, 1912.
  • Italia Vitaliani (actor)
  • Italia Benini-Sambo (actor)
  • Italia Marchesini (actor)
  • Italia Almirante-Manzini (actor)
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Famous actors named Italia and their movies

Italia Almirante-Manzini
Italia Almirante-Manzini
  • No. of movies: 3

L'amazzone macabra

Directed by: Ugo De Simone

Starring: Mario Voller-Buzzi, Italia Almirante-Manzini, Giovanni Casaleggio, Guelfo Bertocchi


Directed by: Gennaro Righelli

Starring: Italia Almirante-Manzini, Annibale Betrone, Alfonso Cassini

Country: United States of America



Directed by: Giovanni Pastrone

Starring: Italia Almirante-Manzini, Lidia Quaranta, Bartolomeo Pagano, Carolina Catena

Country: United States of America

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