Ingmar is a boy name and means son of Ing. It is a Scandinavian name and its pronunciation is \i-ng-mar, in-gmar\. Other similar names and variants include: Inar, Ingevar, Ingram, Ingvar, Inman, Innman, Itamar. Ingmar is not a popular first name for men and an equally uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Ingmar:

  • Ingmar Bergman (director) born on July 14, 1918.
  • Ingmar Vos born on May 28, 1986.
  • Ingmar Lazar born on June 22, 1993.
  • Ingmar Milveden born on February 15, 1920.
  • Ingmar Bergman born on July 15, 1918.
  • Ingmar Zeisberg (actor)
  • Ingmar Englund (actor)

Famous directors named Ingmar and their movies

Ingmar Bergman
Ingmar Bergman

Born on July 14, 1918

  • Age:
  • Birth sign: Cancer
  • No. of movies: 48

Kvinnors väntan

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

Starring: Anita Björk, Eva Dahlbeck, Maj-Britt Nilsson, Birger Malmsten

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Seal

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

Starring: Max von Sydow, Gunnar Björnstrand, Bengt Ekerot, Nils Poppe

Country: United States of America

Brink of Life

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

Starring: Eva Dahlbeck, Ingrid Thulin, Bibi Andersson, Barbro Hiort af Ornäs

The Devil's Eye

Directed by: Ingmar Bergman

Starring: Jarl Kulle, Bibi Andersson, Stig Järrel, Nils Poppe

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