Ernesto is a boy name and means serious; battle to the death. It is a German name and its pronunciation is \e-rnes-to, er-ne-sto\. Other similar names and variants include: Eraste, Erberto, Honesto. Ernesto is a very popular first name for men (#335 out of 1220) and a slightly less popular surname or last name for both men and women (#64270 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Ernesto:

  • Ernesto Zedillo born on December 27, 1951.
  • Ernesto Bertarelli born on September 22, 1965.
  • Ernesto Montgomery born on October 2, 1925.
  • Ernesto Valverde born on February 9, 1964.
  • Ernesto Vaser (actor)
  • Ernesto Garibotto (actor)
  • Ernesto Agüeros (actor)
  • Ernesto Cortázar (director)
  • Ernesto Guida (director)
  • Ernesto Calindri (actor) born on February 5, 1909.
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Famous directors named Ernesto and their movies

Ernesto Cortázar
Ernesto Cortázar
  • No. of movies: 3
Juan Charrasqueado-Gabino Barrera [VHS]

Juan Charrasqueado-Gabino Barrera [VHS]

Directed by: Ernesto Cortázar

La muerte enamorada

Directed by: Ernesto Cortázar

Starring: Miroslava, Fernando Fernández, Jorge Reyes, Esperanza Issa

La Mancornadora

Directed by: Ernesto Cortázar

Starring: Amanda del Llano, Crox Alvarado, Esperanza Issa, Armando Silvestre

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