Elroy is a boy name and means the king. It is a French name and its pronunciation is \e-lroy, el-roy\. Other similar names and variants include: Delroy, Elroi, Elroye, Roy. Elroy is a somewhat popular first name for men (#1078 out of 1220) and also a somewhat popular surname or last name for both men and women (#85485 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Elroy:

  • Elroy Hirsch (actor) born on June 17, 1923.
  • Elroy "Crazylegs" Hirsch born on June 17, 1923.
  • Elroy Face born on February 20, 1928.
  • Elroy Kromheer born on January 15, 1970.
  • Elroy Chester born on June 14, 1969.

Famous actors named Elroy and their movies

Elroy Hirsch
Elroy Hirsch

Born on June 17, 1923

  • Age:
  • Birth sign: Gemini
  • No. of movies: 3
Zero Hour!

Zero Hour!

Directed by: Hall Bartlett

Starring: Dana Andrews, Linda Darnell, Sterling Hayden, Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch

Country: United States of America


Directed by: Francis D. Lyon

Starring: Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch, Lloyd Nolan, Joan Vohs, James Millican


Directed by: Hall Bartlett

Starring: Elroy 'Crazylegs' Hirsch, Barbara Hale, Chester Morris, Todd Duncan

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