Domingo is a boy name and means lord. It is a Latin name and its pronunciation is \d(o)-min-go, dom(i)-ngo\. Other similar names and variants include: Dingo, Domini, Dominie, Domino, Dominy. Domingo is a very popular first name for men (#493 out of 1220) and also a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#3916 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Domingo:

  • Domingo Cedeno born on November 4, 1968.
  • Domingo Jean born on January 9, 1969.
  • Domingo Julio Gomez Garcia
  • Domingo Arenas born on May 8, 1888.
  • Domingo Ortega (actor) born on February 25, 1906.
  • Domingo Soler (actor)
  • Domingo Ambriz (actor)
  • Domingo Sapelli (actor)
  • Domingo Quinones (Musician)
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Famous actors named Domingo and their movies

Domingo Soler
Domingo Soler
  • No. of movies: 29

Los de abajo

Directed by: Chano Urueta

Starring: Miguel Ángel Ferriz, Esther Fernández, Isabela Corona, Domingo Soler

Rayando el sol

Directed by: Roberto Gavaldón

Starring: Pedro Armendáriz, Domingo Soler, David Silva, Enrique Zambrano

Con el diablo en el cuerpo

Con el diablo en el cuerpo

Directed by: Raúl de Anda

Starring: Luis Aguilar, Linda Cristal, Dagoberto Rodríguez, Domingo Soler

La guerra de los pasteles

Directed by: Emilio Gómez Muriel

Starring: Mapy Cortés, Domingo Soler, Pedro Armendáriz, Fernando Cortés

Domingo Ambriz
Domingo Ambriz
  • No. of movies: 2


Directed by: Robert M. Young

Starring: Domingo Ambriz, Trinidad Silva, Linda Gillen, Ned Beatty

Green Ice

Green Ice

Directed by: Ernest Day

Starring: Ryan O'Neal, Anne Archer, Omar Sharif, Domingo Ambriz

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Famous singers named Domingo and their songs

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