Dimitri is a boy name. It is a Greek name and its pronunciation is \d(i)-mit-ri, dim(i)-tri\. Other similar names and variants include: Demetri, Dimetre, Dimitrios, Dmitry. Dimitri is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#21635 out of 88799).
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Based on our intensive research on international Census data we identified the number of babies named Dimitri over the years and Dimitri's popularity rank:

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Famous directors named Dimitri and their movies

Dimitri Buchowetzki
Dimitri Buchowetzki
  • No. of movies: 15

Die letzte Stunde

Directed by: Dimitri Buchowetzki

Starring: Charlotte Ander, Emil Biron, Hanne Brinkmann, Sadjah Gezza

Peter the Great

Directed by: Dimitri Buchowetzki

Starring: Emil Jannings, Dagny Servaes, Bernhard Goetzke, Cordy Millowitsch

Weib im Dschungel

Directed by: Dimitri Buchowetzki

Starring: Charlotte Ander, Ernst Stahl-Nachbaur, Erich Ponto, Robert Thoeren

The Countess of Paris

Directed by: Dimitri Buchowetzki, Joe May

Starring: Mia May, Emil Jannings, Erika Glässner, Vladimir Gajdarov

Dimitri Logothetis
Dimitri Logothetis
  • No. of movies: 8
Slaughterhouse Rock

Slaughterhouse Rock

Directed by: Dimitri Logothetis

Starring: Toni Basil, Nicholas Celozzi, Tom Reilly, Donna Denton

Pretty Smart

Directed by: Dimitri Logothetis

Starring: Tricia Leigh Fisher, Lisa Lörient, Dennis Cole, Patricia Arquette

Momo: The Sam Giancana Story

Momo: The Sam Giancana Story

Directed by: Dimitri Logothetis

Champions Forever

Champions Forever

Directed by: Dimitri Logothetis

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dimitri a popular name?

Over the years Dimitri was most popular in 1992. According to the latest US census information Dimitri ranks #1061st while according to famousnames.vip Dimitri ranks #5th.

How popular is the name Dimitri?

According to the US census in 2018, 203 boys were born named Dimitri, making Dimitri the #1015th name more popular among boy names. In 1992 Dimitri had the highest rank with 408 boys born that year with this name.

How common is the name Dimitri?

Dimitri is #1015th in the ranking of most common names in the United States according to he US Census.

When was the name Dimitri more popular ?

The name Dimitri was more popular in 1992 with 408 born in that year.

When was the last time a baby was named Dimitri

The last time a baby was named Dimitri was in 2020, based on US Census data.

How many people born in 2020 are named Dimitri?

In 2020 there were 203 baby boys named Dimitri.

Who is a famous person named Dimitri?

There a several famous people named Dimitri, for example director Dimitri Buchowetzki, director Dimitri Logothetis.

Who is a famous director named Dimitri?

A famous director named Dimitri is Dimitri Buchowetzki, who directed 4 movies, including Die letzte Stunde and Peter the Great.

How many famous directors are named Dimitri?

There are 2 directors named Dimitri including Dimitri Buchowetzki and Dimitri Logothetis who directed movies such as Die letzte Stunde and Slaughterhouse Rock.