Dewey is a boy name. It is a Welsh name and its pronunciation is \de-wey\. Other similar names and variants include: Dewi, Dewie. Dewey is a very popular first name for men (#434 out of 1220) and also a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#2841 out of 88799).
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Dewey:

  • Dewey Jones born on April 13, 1962.
  • Dewey Martin (acteur) born on December 8, 1923.
  • Dewey F Bartlett born on March 28, 1919.
  • Dewey Robertson
  • Dewey Nicks (director) born on April 22, 1961.
  • Dewey Martin (actor) born on September 30, 1942.
  • Dewey Weber (actor)
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Famous actors named Dewey and their movies

Dewey Martin
Dewey Martin

Born on September 30, 1942

  • Age: 80
  • Birth sign: Libra
  • No. of movies: 9
Land of the Pharaohs

Land of the Pharaohs

Directed by: Howard Hawks

Starring: Jack Hawkins, Joan Collins, Dewey Martin, Alexis Minotis

Flight to Fury

Directed by: Monte Hellman

Starring: Dewey Martin, Fay Spain, Jack Nicholson, Joseph Estrada

Tennessee Champ

Directed by: Fred M. Wilcox

Starring: Shelley Winters, Keenan Wynn, Dewey Martin, Earl Holliman

Prisoner of War

Directed by: Andrew Marton

Starring: Ronald Reagan, Steve Forrest, Dewey Martin, Oskar Homolka

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Famous directors named Dewey and their movies

Dewey Nicks
Dewey Nicks

Born on April 22, 1961

  • Age: 61
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • No. of movies: 2


Directed by: Dewey Nicks


Directed by: Dewey Nicks

Starring: Devon Sawa, Robert B. Martin Jr., Jason Segel, Michael C. Maronna

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