Denholm is a boy name. It is a Scottish name and its pronunciation is \d(e)-nho-lm, den-holm\. Other similar names and variants include: Denham, Kenhelm. Denholm is not a popular first name for men but a somewhat popular surname or last name for both men and women (#73661 out of 88799).
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Denholm Elliott
Denholm Elliott

Born on May 31, 1922

  • Age:
  • Birth sign: Gemini
  • Birth chart: astro chart
  • No. of movies: 40
Noises Off...

Noises Off...

Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich

Starring: Michael Caine, Carol Burnett, Denholm Elliott, Julie Hagerty


Directed by: George Pavlou

Starring: Denholm Elliott, Steven Berkoff, Larry Lamb, Nicola Cowper

Defense of the Realm

Directed by: David Drury

Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Greta Scacchi, Denholm Elliott, Ian Bannen

The Razor's Edge

The Razor's Edge

Directed by: John Byrum

Starring: Bill Murray, Theresa Russell, Denholm Elliott, Catherine Hicks

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Denholm a popular name?

Over the years Denholm was most popular in None. According to the latest US census information Denholm ranks #None while according to Denholm ranks #4th.

Who is a famous person named Denholm?

There a several famous people named Denholm, for example actor Denholm Elliott.

Who is a famous actor/actress named Denholm?

A famous actor/actress named Denholm is Denholm Elliott, starring in 4 movies, including Noises Off... and Underworld.