Dal is a boy name and means blind; from the dales, the valley meadows. It is a Scottish name and its pronunciation is \dal\. Other similar names and variants include: Cal, Da-, Dag, Dai, Dan, Dar, Daw, Day, Gal, Hal, Pal, Sal, Val. Dal is not a popular first name for men and an equally uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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Here’s a list of VIPs named Dal:

  • Dal Lee born on December 7, 1895.
  • Dal Maxvill born on February 18, 1939.
  • Dal Stivens born on December 31, 1911.
  • Dal McKennon (actor)

Famous actors named Dal and their movies

Dal McKennon
Dal McKennon
  • No. of movies: 6

Les aventures de Tintin

Starring: Paul Frees, Larry Harmon, Dal McKennon, Georges Poujouly

Country: Belgium

The Puppetoon Movie

The Puppetoon Movie

Directed by: Arnold Leibovit

Starring: Paul Frees, Dal McKennon, Art Clokey, Dick Beals

The Hardy Boys

Starring: Byron Kane, Dal McKennon, Jane Webb

Country: United States of America

Oliver Twist

Directed by: Hal Sutherland

Starring: Josh Albee, Les Tremayne, Dal McKennon, Larry Storch

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