Carlyle is a boy name and means fort at Luguvalium. It is a English name and its pronunciation is \c(a)-rly-le, car-lyle\. Other similar names and variants include: Carley, Carlile, Carlisle, Carly. Carlyle is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#6981 out of 88799).
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Based on our intensive research on international Census data we identified the number of babies named Carlyle over the years and Carlyle's popularity rank:

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Famous people named Carlyle

Here’s a list of VIPs named Carlyle:

  • Carlyle Blackwell (actor)
  • Carlyle Blackwell Jr
  • Carlyle Gifford born in January 14, 1881.
  • Carlyle Blackwell Jr born in May 22, 1913.
  • Carlyle Ellis (actor)
  • Carlyle Mitchell (actor)
  • Carlyle Moore Jr. (actor)

Famous actors named Carlyle and their movies

Carlyle Blackwell
Carlyle Blackwell
  • No. of movies: 57

The Cheyenne Massacre

Directed by: George Melford

Starring: Carlyle Blackwell, William H. West, C. Rhys Pryce, Lucille Young

The Skeleton in the Closet

Directed by: George Melford

Starring: Carlyle Blackwell, Marin Sais, William H. West, Charles K. French

The Beautiful Mrs. Reynolds

Directed by: Arthur Ashley

Starring: June Elvidge, Carlyle Blackwell, Arthur Ashley, Carl Gerard

The New South

Directed by: Robert Thornby

Starring: John Tansey, Carlyle Blackwell, Herbert Barrington, Stanhope Wheatcroft

Carlyle Moore Jr.
Carlyle Moore Jr.
  • No. of movies: 5

Arizona Legion

Directed by: David Howard

Starring: George O'Brien, Laraine Day, Carlyle Moore Jr., Chill Wills

Western Trails

Western Trails

Directed by: George Waggner

Starring: Bob Baker, Marjorie Reynolds, John Ridgely, Carlyle Moore Jr.

Fugitive in the Sky

Directed by: Nick Grinde

Starring: Jean Muir, Warren Hull, Gordon Oliver, Carlyle Moore Jr.

Two Against the World

Directed by: William C. McGann

Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Beverly Roberts, Linda Perry, Carlyle Moore Jr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carlyle a popular name?

Over the years Carlyle was most popular in 1918. According to the latest US census information Carlyle ranks #1216th while according to Carlyle ranks #5th.

How popular is the name Carlyle?

According to the US census in 2018, 23 boys were born named Carlyle, making Carlyle the #4248th name more popular among boy names. In 1918 Carlyle had the highest rank with 115 boys born that year with this name.

How common is the name Carlyle?

Carlyle is #4248th in the ranking of most common names in the United States according to he US Census.

When was the name Carlyle more popular ?

The name Carlyle was more popular in 1918 with 115 born in that year.

When was the last time a baby was named Carlyle

The last time a baby was named Carlyle was in 2020, based on US Census data.

How many people born in 2020 are named Carlyle?

In 2020 there were 23 baby boys named Carlyle.

Who is a famous person named Carlyle?

There a several famous people named Carlyle, for example actor Carlyle Blackwell, actor Carlyle Moore Jr..

Who is a famous actor/actress named Carlyle?

A famous actor/actress named Carlyle is Carlyle Blackwell, starring in 4 movies, including The Cheyenne Massacre and The Skeleton in the Closet.

How many famous actors/actresses are named Carlyle?

There are 2 actors named Carlyle including Carlyle Blackwell and Carlyle Moore Jr. who appeared in movies such as The Cheyenne Massacre and Arizona Legion.