Brodie is a girl name and means ditch. It is a Irish name and its pronunciation is \b-ro-die\. Other similar names and variants include: Berdie, Biddie, Birdie, Bradee, Bradi, Brandie, Brendie, Brenie, Bride, Bridee, Bridi, Brie, Bronia, Bronnie, Bronte, Brooke, Brookie, Brucie, Byrdie, Fredie, Prudie, Rodie, Trudie. Brodie is not a popular first name for women but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#5456 out of 88799).
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  • Brodie Smith born on August 29, 1987.
  • Brodie Croyle born on February 6, 1983.
  • Brodie Bass (actor)
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Brodie Bass
Brodie Bass
  • No. of movies: 1
Daylight Robbery

Daylight Robbery

Directed by: Paris Leonti

Starring: Xavier Anderson, Brodie Bass, Geoff Bell, Vas Blackwood

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