Bonar is a boy name and means gentle, mannerly. It is a French name and its pronunciation is \b(o)-nar\. Other similar names and variants include: Bonnar, Bonner. Bonar is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#10388 out of 88799).
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Bonar Colleano
Bonar Colleano
  • No. of movies: 14

One Night with You

Directed by: Terence Young

Starring: Nino Martini, Patricia Roc, Bonar Colleano, Hugh Wakefield

Pool of London

Directed by: Basil Dearden

Starring: Bonar Colleano, Susan Shaw, Renée Asherson, Earl Cameron

Eight Iron Men

Eight Iron Men

Directed by: Edward Dmytryk

Starring: Bonar Colleano, Arthur Franz, Lee Marvin, Richard Kiley



Directed by: Terence Young

Starring: Victor Mature, Michael Wilding, Anita Ekberg, Bonar Colleano

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bonar a popular name?

Over the years Bonar was most popular in None. According to the latest US census information Bonar ranks #None while according to Bonar ranks #2nd.

Who is a famous person named Bonar?

There a several famous people named Bonar, for example actor Bonar Colleano.

Who is a famous actor/actress named Bonar?

A famous actor/actress named Bonar is Bonar Colleano, starring in 14 movies, including While the Sun Shines and Merry-Go-Round.