Aime is a boy name and means beloved. It is a Latin name and its pronunciation is \a(i)-me\. Other similar names and variants include: Aage, Abbe, Abe, Abie, Ace, Acee, Acie, Acim, Ade, Adim, Ahim, Ahmed, Ahmet, Aias, Aimery, Aimes, Aimil, Aimon, Aimone, Akim, Amed, Amel, Amer, Ames, Ammer, Amr, Arie, Ase, Ashe, Asim, Atim, Aube, Ave, Aymer, Aymes, Azim, Hume, Kim, Kimo, Rome, Sim, Sima, Tim, Timo, Tome. Aime is not a popular first name for men and an equally uncommon surname or last name for both men and women.
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  • Aime Romand born on October 20, 1918.
  • Aime Raffaeli born on February 5, 1905.
  • Aime Deolet born on March 11, 1906.
  • Aime Escudie born on May 28, 1927.
  • Aime Wolf (actor)