Ace is a boy name and means number one, the best. It is a Latin name and its pronunciation is \a-ce\. Other similar names and variants include: Acee, Acer, Acey, Acie. Ace is not a popular first name for men but a very popular surname or last name for both men and women (#38729 out of 88799).
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Ace Atkins
Ace Atkins
  • No. of books: 9
Robert B. Parker'S Lullaby

Robert B. Parker'S Lullaby


When fourteen-year-old Mattie Sullivan asks Spenser to look into her mother’s murder, he’s not convinced by her claim that the wrong man was convicted.

Robert B. Parker'S Kickback

Robert B. Parker'S Kickback


P.I. Spenser, knight-errant of the Back Bay, returns in this stellar addition to the iconic New York Times–bestselling series from author Ace Atkins.What

Robert B. Parker'S Cheap Shot

Robert B. Parker'S Cheap Shot


“True to his practice of exceeding his own standards with each new novel, Atkins gives Robert B. Parker's long-running series one of its best installments to date” (

Robert B. Parker'S Wonderland

Robert B. Parker'S Wonderland


Old friends. Small favors. Bitter rivals. Stirred together, it all makes for one explosive cocktail. Spenser can feel the heat stretching from Boston to Vegas—and people are about to get burned.

Ace Frehley
Ace Frehley

Born on April 27, 1951

  • Age: 70
  • Birth sign: Taurus
  • Birth chart: astro chart
  • No. of books: 3

Ace Frehley Memorabilia

No Regrets

No Regrets


A funny, candid, New York Times bestselling memoir from the former lead guitarist of the legendary rock band KISS, Ace Frehley.The

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ace a popular name?

Over the years Ace was most popular in 2018. According to the latest US census information Ace ranks #475th while according to Ace ranks #2nd.

How popular is the name Ace?

According to the US census in 2018, 1434 boys were born named Ace, making Ace the #255th name more popular among boy names. In 2018 Ace had the highest rank with 1434 boys born that year with this name.

How common is the name Ace?

Ace is #255th in the ranking of most common names in the United States according to he US Census.

When was the name Ace more popular ?

The name Ace was more popular in 2018 with 1434 born in that year.

When was the last time a baby was named Ace

The last time a baby was named Ace was in 2018, based on US Census data.

How many people born in 2018 are named Ace?

In 2018 there were 1434 baby boys named Ace.

Who is a famous person named Ace?

There a several famous people named Ace, for example musician Ace Hood, actor Ace Bhatti, actor Ace Trucking Company.

Who is a famous singer named Ace?

A famous singer named Ace is Ace Hood, with over 6 songs, including Hustle Hard and DJ Khaled Presents Ace Hood Gutta.

How many famous actors/actresses are named Ace?

There are 4 actors named Ace including Ace Trucking Company and Ace Vergel who appeared in movies such as Dynamite Chicken and Target: Batang Sindikato.

How many famous writers are named Ace?

There are 2 writers named Ace including Ace Frehley and Ace Atkins who wrote books such as No Regrets and Robert B. Parker'S Lullaby.