Famous Director names that start with Z

List of 12 director names starting with Z ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#41 overall rank
Zoe Clarke-Williams
As in: Zoe Clarke-Williams
Medal 2
#135 overall rank
Zachary Donohue
As in: Zachary Donohue
Medal 3
#215 overall rank
Zara Hayes
As in: Zara Hayes
Medal 4
#246 overall rank
Zion Myers
As in: Zion Myers
Medal 5
#259 overall rank
Zane Buzby
As in: Zane Buzby
Medal 6
#559 overall rank
Zelda Barron
As in: Zelda Barron
Medal 7
#889 overall rank
Zahir Raihan
As in: Zahir Raihan
Born on August 19, 1935
Medal 8
#919 overall rank
Zoya Akhtar
As in: Zoya Akhtar
Medal 9
#921 overall rank
Zev Berman
As in: Zev Berman
Medal 10
#1124 overall rank
Zackary Adler
As in: Zackary Adler
Medal 11
#1303 overall rank
Zack Snyder
As in: Zack Snyder
Born on March 1, 1966
Medal 12
#2543 overall rank
Ziggy Steinberg
As in: Ziggy Steinberg