Famous Director names that start with Y

List of 12 director names starting with Y ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#569 overall rank
Yusuf Khan
As in: Yusuf Khan
Medal 2
#1829 overall rank
Yuri Tarich
As in: Yuri Tarich
Medal 3
#2197 overall rank
Yvonne Mackay
As in: Yvonne Mackay
Medal 4
#3059 overall rank
Yolanda Ramke
As in: Yolanda Ramke
Medal 5
#6947 overall rank
Yannick Bellon
As in: Yannick Bellon
Born on April 6, 1924
Medal 6
#8308 overall rank
Yan B. Dyl
As in: Yan B. Dyl
Medal 7
#14199 overall rank
Young Nam Ko
As in: Young Nam Ko
Medal 8
#14650 overall rank
Yves Robert
As in: Yves Robert
Born on June 19, 1920
Medal 9
#15350 overall rank
Yu Kohira
As in: Yu Kohira
Medal 10
#17770 overall rank
Yann Gonzalez
As in: Yann Gonzalez
Medal 11
#18239 overall rank
York Alec Shackleton
As in: York Alec Shackleton
Medal 12
#53579 overall rank
Yogesh Ishwar
As in: Yogesh Ishwar