Famous Director names that start with H

List of 38 director names starting with H ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#7 overall rank
Henry King
As in: Henry King
Born on January 24, 1886
Medal 2
#47 overall rank
Hannah Fidell
As in: Hannah Fidell
Medal 3
#152 overall rank
Hunter Adams
As in: Hunter Adams
Medal 4
#215 overall rank
Harmony Korine
As in: Harmony Korine
Born on January 4, 1973
Medal 5
#227 overall rank
Hallie Meyers-Shyer
As in: Hallie Meyers-Shyer
Medal 6
#260 overall rank
Hope Perello
As in: Hope Perello
Medal 7
#354 overall rank
Hector Babenco
As in: Hector Babenco
Born on February 7, 1946
Medal 8
#399 overall rank
Hugo Claus
As in: Hugo Claus
Born on April 5, 1929
Medal 9
#403 overall rank
Harvey Lowry
As in: Harvey Lowry
Medal 10
#411 overall rank
Hattie Dalton
As in: Hattie Dalton
Medal 11
#421 overall rank
Helen Lesnick
As in: Helen Lesnick
Medal 12
#459 overall rank
Holly Dale
As in: Holly Dale
Born on December 23, 1953
Medal 13
#473 overall rank
Helena Amiradzibi-Stawinska
As in: Helena Amiradzibi-Stawinska
Medal 14
#543 overall rank
Hanna Antonina Wojcik Slak
As in: Hanna Antonina Wojcik Slak
Medal 15
#547 overall rank
Harley Knoles
As in: Harley Knoles
Medal 16
#695 overall rank
Harry A. Pollard
As in: Harry A. Pollard
Medal 17
#725 overall rank
Harlan Thompson
As in: Harlan Thompson
Medal 18
#779 overall rank
Hassan Askari
As in: Hassan Askari
Medal 19
#811 overall rank
Hugh Bennett
As in: Hugh Bennett
Medal 20
#829 overall rank
Hayley Cloake
As in: Hayley Cloake
Medal 21
#925 overall rank
Harold Ramis
As in: Harold Ramis
Born on November 21, 1944
Medal 22
#1051 overall rank
Howard Hughes
As in: Howard Hughes
Born on September 24, 1905
Medal 23
#1168 overall rank
Harris Goldberg
As in: Harris Goldberg
Medal 24
#1252 overall rank
Hasan Mustafa
As in: Hasan Mustafa
Medal 25
#1305 overall rank
Heather Lenz
As in: Heather Lenz
Medal 26
#1325 overall rank
Henri Verneuil
As in: Henri Verneuil
Born on October 15, 1920
Medal 27
#1403 overall rank
Hans Deppe
As in: Hans Deppe
Medal 28
#1619 overall rank
Hampton Del Ruth
As in: Hampton Del Ruth
Medal 29
#1716 overall rank
Hussein Kamal
As in: Hussein Kamal
Medal 30
#1852 overall rank
Hoyt Yeatman
As in: Hoyt Yeatman
Medal 31
#1857 overall rank
Hadi El Bagoury
As in: Hadi El Bagoury
Medal 32
#1963 overall rank
Hernan Cardenas
As in: Hernan Cardenas
Medal 33
#2159 overall rank
Hamilton MacFadden
As in: Hamilton MacFadden
Medal 34
#2270 overall rank
Herbert von Karajan
As in: Herbert von Karajan
Born on April 5, 1908
Medal 35
#2299 overall rank
Hardy Martins
As in: Hardy Martins
Medal 36
#2618 overall rank
Herman Lieb
As in: Herman Lieb
Medal 37
#2956 overall rank
Huck Botko
As in: Huck Botko
Medal 38
#6031 overall rank
Hilary Brougher
As in: Hilary Brougher