Famous Director names that start with G

List of 48 director names starting with G ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#12 overall rank
Gianna Mazzini
As in: Gianna Mazzini
Medal 2
#58 overall rank
Gabriel Aghion
As in: Gabriel Aghion
Born on December 30, 1955
Medal 3
#77 overall rank
Gabriella Cangini
As in: Gabriella Cangini
Medal 4
#112 overall rank
Gael Garcia Bernal
As in: Gael Garcia Bernal
Medal 5
#120 overall rank
Giovanni Pastrone
As in: Giovanni Pastrone
Medal 6
#133 overall rank
George Lucas
As in: George Lucas
Born on May 14, 1944
Medal 7
#141 overall rank
Gavin Hood
As in: Gavin Hood
Born on May 12, 1963
Medal 8
#184 overall rank
Graham Cutts
As in: Graham Cutts
Medal 9
#213 overall rank
Grant Harvey
As in: Grant Harvey
Born on February 5, 1966
Medal 10
#241 overall rank
Griffin Loch
As in: Griffin Loch
Medal 11
#322 overall rank
Gabriela Bussenius
As in: Gabriela Bussenius
Medal 12
#323 overall rank
Gideon Raff
As in: Gideon Raff
Medal 13
#328 overall rank
Gia Coppola
As in: Gia Coppola
Born on January 1, 1987
Medal 14
#359 overall rank
Gabrielle Savage Dockterman
As in: Gabrielle Savage Dockterman
Medal 15
#367 overall rank
Garrett Scott
As in: Garrett Scott
Medal 16
#433 overall rank
Gregory Dark
As in: Gregory Dark
Born on July 12, 1957
Medal 17
#528 overall rank
Gunnar Helsengreen
As in: Gunnar Helsengreen
Medal 18
#553 overall rank
Gerardo de Leon
As in: Gerardo de Leon
Medal 19
#578 overall rank
Gloria Dea
As in: Gloria Dea
Medal 20
#587 overall rank
Gianni Troilo
As in: Gianni Troilo
Medal 21
#625 overall rank
Gustavo Alatriste
As in: Gustavo Alatriste
Medal 22
#699 overall rank
Giuliana Gamba
As in: Giuliana Gamba
Born on November 26, 1949
Medal 23
#739 overall rank
Giovanna Gagliardo
As in: Giovanna Gagliardo
Medal 24
#743 overall rank
Greta Gerwig
As in: Greta Gerwig
Medal 25
#803 overall rank
Gary David Goldberg
As in: Gary David Goldberg
Born on June 25, 1944
Medal 26
#836 overall rank
Guillermo Arriaga
As in: Guillermo Arriaga
Born on March 13, 1958
Medal 27
#958 overall rank
Gerald Mayer
As in: Gerald Mayer
Medal 28
#960 overall rank
Gordon Douglas
As in: Gordon Douglas
Born on December 15, 1907
Medal 29
#1167 overall rank
Gilbert Pratt
As in: Gilbert Pratt
Medal 30
#1182 overall rank
Gilberto Gazcón
As in: Gilberto Gazcón
Medal 31
#1189 overall rank
Gus Van Sant
As in: Gus Van Sant
Born on July 24, 1952
Medal 32
#1206 overall rank
Gian Carlo Menotti
As in: Gian Carlo Menotti
Born on July 7, 1911
Medal 33
#1207 overall rank
Giancarlo De Cataldo
As in: Giancarlo De Cataldo
Medal 34
#1217 overall rank
Gino Bramieri
As in: Gino Bramieri
Medal 35
#1229 overall rank
Gray Hofmeyr
As in: Gray Hofmeyr
Medal 36
#1233 overall rank
Gianluca Lasaracina
As in: Gianluca Lasaracina
Medal 37
#1359 overall rank
Guy Ritchie
As in: Guy Ritchie
Born on September 10, 1968
Medal 38
#1388 overall rank
Giada Colagrande
As in: Giada Colagrande
Medal 39
#1432 overall rank
Gerard Barrett
As in: Gerard Barrett
Medal 40
#1433 overall rank
German Kral
As in: German Kral
Medal 41
#1434 overall rank
Glenn Miller
As in: Glenn Miller
Born on March 1, 1904
Medal 42
#1482 overall rank
Giulia Casagrande
As in: Giulia Casagrande
Medal 43
#1542 overall rank
Gonzalo Suárez
As in: Gonzalo Suárez
Medal 44
#1604 overall rank
Gina Kim
As in: Gina Kim
Medal 45
#1863 overall rank
Graciela Rodriguez Gilio
As in: Graciela Rodriguez Gilio
Medal 46
#2582 overall rank
Gaia Gorrini
As in: Gaia Gorrini
Medal 47
#2866 overall rank
Giannis Hristodoulou
As in: Giannis Hristodoulou
Medal 48
#3568 overall rank
Gene Kelly
As in: Gene Kelly
Born on August 23, 1912