Famous Director names that start with F

List of 42 director names starting with F ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#191 overall rank
Faith Hubley
As in: Faith Hubley
Medal 2
#192 overall rank
Felix Jacoves
As in: Felix Jacoves
Medal 3
#288 overall rank
Francisco Gómez Hidalgo
As in: Francisco Gómez Hidalgo
Medal 4
#315 overall rank
Finn Taylor
As in: Finn Taylor
Medal 5
#342 overall rank
Fernando Arrabal
As in: Fernando Arrabal
Born on August 11, 1932
Medal 6
#357 overall rank
Fiona Gordon
As in: Fiona Gordon
Medal 7
#387 overall rank
Francesca Archibugi
As in: Francesca Archibugi
Medal 8
#408 overall rank
Franklin B. Coates
As in: Franklin B. Coates
Medal 9
#418 overall rank
Frances Marion
As in: Frances Marion
Born on November 18, 1888
Medal 10
#439 overall rank
Frank Oz
As in: Frank Oz
Born on May 25, 1944
Medal 11
#457 overall rank
Fabian Ribezzo
As in: Fabian Ribezzo
Medal 12
#473 overall rank
Ford Beebe
As in: Ford Beebe
Born on November 26, 1888
Medal 13
#474 overall rank
Frederick A. Thomson
As in: Frederick A. Thomson
Medal 14
#622 overall rank
Florence Mauro
As in: Florence Mauro
Medal 15
#791 overall rank
Forrest Sheldon
As in: Forrest Sheldon
Medal 16
#834 overall rank
Frankie Chan
As in: Frankie Chan
Medal 17
#846 overall rank
Felipe Cazals
As in: Felipe Cazals
Medal 18
#863 overall rank
Francis Ford Coppola
As in: Francis Ford Coppola
Born on April 7, 1939
Medal 19
#890 overall rank
Fisher Stevens
As in: Fisher Stevens
Medal 20
#1362 overall rank
Fletcher Markle
As in: Fletcher Markle
Medal 21
#1422 overall rank
Francesco Rosi
As in: Francesco Rosi
Born on November 15, 1922
Medal 22
#1424 overall rank
Forest Whitaker
As in: Forest Whitaker
Medal 23
#1897 overall rank
Fred Durst
As in: Fred Durst
Born on August 20, 1970
Medal 24
#2110 overall rank
Federico Fellini
As in: Federico Fellini
Born on January 20, 1920
Medal 25
#2240 overall rank
Floyd Mutrux
As in: Floyd Mutrux
Medal 26
#2406 overall rank
Fabio Segatori
As in: Fabio Segatori
Medal 27
#2615 overall rank
Fritz Bernhardt
As in: Fritz Bernhardt
Medal 28
#2990 overall rank
Fabiola Gianotti
As in: Fabiola Gianotti
Medal 29
#3338 overall rank
Frederic Zelnik
As in: Frederic Zelnik
Medal 30
#3776 overall rank
Ferdinand Zecca
As in: Ferdinand Zecca
Medal 31
#3832 overall rank
Felicia Sinclair
As in: Felicia Sinclair
Medal 32
#3950 overall rank
Freddie Francis
As in: Freddie Francis
Born on December 22, 1917
Medal 33
#4448 overall rank
Florian Zeller
As in: Florian Zeller
Born on June 28, 1979
Medal 34
#4886 overall rank
Flavio De Bernardinis
As in: Flavio De Bernardinis
Medal 35
#4919 overall rank
Fanny Ardant
As in: Fanny Ardant
Medal 36
#5133 overall rank
Ferris Hartman
As in: Ferris Hartman
Medal 37
#5919 overall rank
Fintan Connolly
As in: Fintan Connolly
Medal 38
#7390 overall rank
Franz Hofer
As in: Franz Hofer
Born on November 3, 1873
Medal 39
#7909 overall rank
Francois Ozon
As in: Francois Ozon
Medal 40
#8479 overall rank
Favio Fischer
As in: Favio Fischer
Medal 41
#8482 overall rank
Fenton Bailey
As in: Fenton Bailey
Medal 42
#9200 overall rank
Fadil Hadzic
As in: Fadil Hadzic