Famous Director names that start with F

List of 39 director names starting with F ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#136 overall rank
Faith Hubley
As in: Faith Hubley
Medal 2
#178 overall rank
Finn Henriksen
As in: Finn Henriksen
Medal 3
#225 overall rank
Felix Herngren
As in: Felix Herngren
Medal 4
#296 overall rank
Fiona Gordon
As in: Fiona Gordon
Medal 5
#296 overall rank
Francisco Múgica
As in: Francisco Múgica
Medal 6
#342 overall rank
Fernando Arrabal
As in: Fernando Arrabal
Born on August 11, 1932
Medal 7
#414 overall rank
Franklin B. Coates
As in: Franklin B. Coates
Medal 8
#416 overall rank
Frances Marion
As in: Frances Marion
Born on November 18, 1888
Medal 9
#420 overall rank
Fabian Ribezzo
As in: Fabian Ribezzo
Medal 10
#425 overall rank
Frank Oz
As in: Frank Oz
Born on May 25, 1944
Medal 11
#456 overall rank
Francesca Archibugi
As in: Francesca Archibugi
Medal 12
#459 overall rank
Ford Beebe
As in: Ford Beebe
Born on November 26, 1888
Medal 13
#470 overall rank
Forrest Sheldon
As in: Forrest Sheldon
Medal 14
#485 overall rank
Frederick A. Thomson
As in: Frederick A. Thomson
Medal 15
#571 overall rank
Fernanda Turvani
As in: Fernanda Turvani
Medal 16
#654 overall rank
Fletcher Markle
As in: Fletcher Markle
Medal 17
#762 overall rank
Florence Mauro
As in: Florence Mauro
Medal 18
#811 overall rank
Forest Whitaker
As in: Forest Whitaker
Medal 19
#862 overall rank
Frankie Chan
As in: Frankie Chan
Medal 20
#865 overall rank
Felipe Frozza
As in: Felipe Frozza
Medal 21
#878 overall rank
Francis Ford Coppola
As in: Francis Ford Coppola
Born on April 7, 1939
Medal 22
#908 overall rank
Fisher Stevens
As in: Fisher Stevens
Medal 23
#937 overall rank
Franco Zeffirelli
As in: Franco Zeffirelli
Born on February 12, 1923
Medal 24
#1330 overall rank
Francesco Rosi
As in: Francesco Rosi
Born on November 15, 1922
Medal 25
#1420 overall rank
Farah Khan
As in: Farah Khan
Born on January 9, 1965
Medal 26
#1819 overall rank
Fred Durst
As in: Fred Durst
Born on August 20, 1970
Medal 27
#2013 overall rank
Floyd Mutrux
As in: Floyd Mutrux
Medal 28
#2131 overall rank
Federico Fellini
As in: Federico Fellini
Born on January 20, 1920
Medal 29
#2176 overall rank
Filip Bajon
As in: Filip Bajon
Medal 30
#2457 overall rank
Fabio Massa
As in: Fabio Massa
Medal 31
#2611 overall rank
Fritz Magnussen
As in: Fritz Magnussen
Medal 32
#2641 overall rank
Francine McDougall
As in: Francine McDougall
Medal 33
#3003 overall rank
Fabiola Giancotti
As in: Fabiola Giancotti
Medal 34
#3193 overall rank
Ferris Hartman
As in: Ferris Hartman
Medal 35
#3331 overall rank
Frederic Zelnik
As in: Frederic Zelnik
Medal 36
#3465 overall rank
Freddie Francis
As in: Freddie Francis
Born on December 22, 1917
Medal 37
#3723 overall rank
Franklyn Barrett
As in: Franklyn Barrett
Medal 38
#5314 overall rank
Fabiana Sargentini
As in: Fabiana Sargentini
Medal 39
#5792 overall rank
Fiorella Infascelli
As in: Fiorella Infascelli