Famous Director names that start with B

List of 29 director names starting with B ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#7 overall rank
Benjamin Christensen
As in: Benjamin Christensen
Medal 2
#101 overall rank
Bennett Miller
As in: Bennett Miller
Born on December 30, 1966
Medal 3
#166 overall rank
Brandon Camp
As in: Brandon Camp
Medal 4
#207 overall rank
Blake Edwards
As in: Blake Edwards
Born on July 26, 1922
Medal 5
#248 overall rank
Bentley Dean
As in: Bentley Dean
Medal 6
#257 overall rank
Bryan Singer
As in: Bryan Singer
Born on September 17, 1965
Medal 7
#270 overall rank
Brian Jones
As in: Brian Jones
Born on February 28, 1942
Medal 8
#272 overall rank
Bradley Parker
As in: Bradley Parker
Medal 9
#305 overall rank
Brady Hall
As in: Brady Hall
Medal 10
#423 overall rank
Bianca Pananti
As in: Bianca Pananti
Medal 11
#497 overall rank
Bruce Paltrow
As in: Bruce Paltrow
Born on November 26, 1943
Medal 12
#537 overall rank
Bo Burnham
As in: Bo Burnham
Born on August 21, 1990
Medal 13
#550 overall rank
Beatrice Segolini
As in: Beatrice Segolini
Medal 14
#551 overall rank
Benson Lee
As in: Benson Lee
Medal 15
#603 overall rank
Bethany Ashton Wolf
As in: Bethany Ashton Wolf
Medal 16
#658 overall rank
Blair Erickson
As in: Blair Erickson
Medal 17
#680 overall rank
Brock Williams
As in: Brock Williams
Medal 18
#709 overall rank
Bruno Nuytten
As in: Bruno Nuytten
Born on August 28, 1945
Medal 19
#717 overall rank
Brendan Cowles
As in: Brendan Cowles
Medal 20
#747 overall rank
Bridget Stokes
As in: Bridget Stokes
Medal 21
#770 overall rank
Ben Elton
As in: Ben Elton
Born on May 3, 1959
Medal 22
#774 overall rank
Benicio Del Toro
As in: Benicio Del Toro
Medal 23
#785 overall rank
Byron Mabe
As in: Byron Mabe
Medal 24
#899 overall rank
Barbara Loden
As in: Barbara Loden
Medal 25
#939 overall rank
Blaise Essoua
As in: Blaise Essoua
Medal 26
#956 overall rank
Brittany Ashworth
As in: Brittany Ashworth
Medal 27
#1769 overall rank
Bobby Roe
As in: Bobby Roe
Medal 28
#1823 overall rank
Brett Ratner
As in: Brett Ratner
Born on March 28, 1969
Medal 29
#1844 overall rank
Billie Woodruff
As in: Billie Woodruff