Famous Actress names that start with Z

List of 20 actress names starting with Z ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#32 overall rank
Zoey Deutch
As in: Zoey Deutch
Born on November 10, 1994
Medal 2
#41 overall rank
Zoe Saldana
As in: Zoe Saldana
Born on June 19, 1978
Medal 3
#215 overall rank
Zara Whites
As in: Zara Whites
Born on November 8, 1968
Medal 4
#559 overall rank
Zelda Williams
As in: Zelda Williams
Born on July 31, 1989
Medal 5
#589 overall rank
Zahra Bahrami
As in: Zahra Bahrami
Medal 6
#877 overall rank
Zora Bishop
As in: Zora Bishop
Medal 7
#919 overall rank
Zoya Barantsevich
As in: Zoya Barantsevich
Medal 8
#935 overall rank
Zola Claire
As in: Zola Claire
Medal 9
#1373 overall rank
Zia Mohyeddin
As in: Zia Mohyeddin
Medal 10
#1512 overall rank
Zarah Leander
As in: Zarah Leander
Born on March 15, 1907
Medal 11
#1561 overall rank
Zaira Wasim
As in: Zaira Wasim
Medal 12
#1673 overall rank
Zella Caull
As in: Zella Caull
Medal 13
#2197 overall rank
Zena Marshall
As in: Zena Marshall
Born on January 1, 1925
Medal 14
#2343 overall rank
Ziva Rodann
As in: Ziva Rodann
Medal 15
#3109 overall rank
Zenaida Amador
As in: Zenaida Amador
Medal 16
#3187 overall rank
Zeynep Aydin
As in: Zeynep Aydin
Medal 17
#3772 overall rank
Zofia Jaroszewska
As in: Zofia Jaroszewska
Medal 18
#3881 overall rank
Zamira Pasceri
As in: Zamira Pasceri
Medal 19
#4999 overall rank
Zarina Wahab
As in: Zarina Wahab
Medal 20
#5468 overall rank
Ziah Colon
As in: Ziah Colon