Famous Actress names that start with Y

List of 23 actress names starting with Y ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#651 overall rank
Yara Shahidi
As in: Yara Shahidi
Born on February 10, 2000
Medal 2
#975 overall rank
Yasmin Kassim
As in: Yasmin Kassim
Medal 3
#1471 overall rank
Yasmine Bleeth
As in: Yasmine Bleeth
Born on June 14, 1968
Medal 4
#1487 overall rank
Yuliana Ieregun
As in: Yuliana Ieregun
Medal 5
#1731 overall rank
Yvonne Strahovski
As in: Yvonne Strahovski
Born on July 30, 1982
Medal 6
#1742 overall rank
Yvette Chauviré
As in: Yvette Chauviré
Born on April 22, 1917
Medal 7
#1837 overall rank
Yasmeen Shaukat
As in: Yasmeen Shaukat
Medal 8
#2079 overall rank
Yana Nirvana
As in: Yana Nirvana
Medal 9
#2479 overall rank
Yusra Warsama
As in: Yusra Warsama
Medal 10
#2658 overall rank
Yolanda del Valle
As in: Yolanda del Valle
Medal 11
#3144 overall rank
Yadira Jiménez
As in: Yadira Jiménez
Medal 12
#4838 overall rank
Yanet Cuevas
As in: Yanet Cuevas
Medal 13
#5891 overall rank
Yalitza Aparicio
As in: Yalitza Aparicio
Medal 14
#5942 overall rank
Yanis Chimaras
As in: Yanis Chimaras
Medal 15
#6946 overall rank
Yari Gagliucci
As in: Yari Gagliucci
Medal 16
#7096 overall rank
Yona Landowska
As in: Yona Landowska
Medal 17
#7220 overall rank
Yuki Uchida
As in: Yuki Uchida
Born on November 16, 1975
Medal 18
#7224 overall rank
Yamila Diaz
As in: Yamila Diaz
Medal 19
#7431 overall rank
Yannick Bisson
As in: Yannick Bisson
Born on May 16, 1969
Medal 20
#7840 overall rank
Yelena Shanina
As in: Yelena Shanina
Medal 21
#8036 overall rank
Yumi Takigawa
As in: Yumi Takigawa
Born on February 16, 1951
Medal 22
#8909 overall rank
Yan Schevchenko
As in: Yan Schevchenko
Medal 23
#11557 overall rank
Yordan Spirov
As in: Yordan Spirov