Famous Actress names that start with U

List of 12 actress names starting with U ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#2723 overall rank
Una Merkel
As in: Una Merkel
Born on December 10, 1903
Medal 2
#4386 overall rank
Uma Thurman
As in: Uma Thurman
Born on April 29, 1970
Medal 3
#4712 overall rank
Ursula Andress
As in: Ursula Andress
Born on March 19, 1936
Medal 4
#6792 overall rank
Unity More
As in: Unity More
Medal 5
#21458 overall rank
Ulla Jacobsson
As in: Ulla Jacobsson
Born on May 23, 1929
Medal 6
#36217 overall rank
Ula Love
As in: Ula Love
Medal 7
#61008 overall rank
Usha Kiran
As in: Usha Kiran
Medal 8
#66541 overall rank
Uta Hagen
As in: Uta Hagen
Born on June 12, 1919
Medal 9
#77107 overall rank
Ute Cremer
As in: Ute Cremer
Medal 10
#77328 overall rank
Ulrike Blome
As in: Ulrike Blome
Medal 11
#79705 overall rank
Ulrika Hohlt
As in: Ulrika Hohlt
Medal 12
#92587 overall rank
Urszula Modrzynska
As in: Urszula Modrzynska