Famous Actor names that start with Z

List of 14 actor names starting with Z ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#135 overall rank
Zachary Quinto
As in: Zachary Quinto
Born on June 2, 1977
Medal 2
#259 overall rank
Zane Holtz
As in: Zane Holtz
Born on January 18, 1987
Medal 3
#573 overall rank
Zain Meghji
As in: Zain Meghji
Medal 4
#676 overall rank
Zeke Clements
As in: Zeke Clements
Medal 5
#1303 overall rank
Zack Lee
As in: Zack Lee
Born on August 15, 1984
Medal 6
#1595 overall rank
Zakaria Mouafi
As in: Zakaria Mouafi
Medal 7
#2309 overall rank
Zephyr Benson
As in: Zephyr Benson
Medal 8
#2371 overall rank
Zach Galifianakis
As in: Zach Galifianakis
Born on October 1, 1969
Medal 9
#2543 overall rank
Ziggy Zanger
As in: Ziggy Zanger
Medal 10
#2638 overall rank
Zachery Ty Bryan
As in: Zachery Ty Bryan
Born on October 9, 1981
Medal 11
#5658 overall rank
Zac Efron
As in: Zac Efron
Born on October 18, 1987
Medal 12
#6167 overall rank
Zaki Rostom
As in: Zaki Rostom
Medal 13
#6176 overall rank
Ziad Abou Absi
As in: Ziad Abou Absi
Medal 14
#7449 overall rank
Zeno Hrusvar
As in: Zeno Hrusvar