Famous Actor names that start with U

List of 14 actor names starting with U ordered by rank popularity.
Medal 1
#462 overall rank
Uriel Luft
As in: Uriel Luft
Medal 2
#636 overall rank
Uriah Shelton
As in: Uriah Shelton
Born on March 10, 1997
Medal 3
#875 overall rank
Ulises Dumont
As in: Ulises Dumont
Medal 4
#1607 overall rank
Umar Sharif
As in: Umar Sharif
Medal 5
#4217 overall rank
Urban Strand
As in: Urban Strand
Medal 6
#4653 overall rank
Ubaldo Pittei
As in: Ubaldo Pittei
Medal 7
#5833 overall rank
Uri Gross
As in: Uri Gross
Medal 8
#7274 overall rank
Usher Raymond
As in: Usher Raymond
Medal 9
#12414 overall rank
Ulrich Thomsen
As in: Ulrich Thomsen
Born on December 6, 1963
Medal 10
#20520 overall rank
Uday Chopra
As in: Uday Chopra
Medal 11
#21331 overall rank
Umut Altnordu
As in: Umut Altnordu
Medal 12
#27541 overall rank
Utkarsh Ambudkar
As in: Utkarsh Ambudkar
Born on December 8, 1983
Medal 13
#38384 overall rank
Urbano Barberini
As in: Urbano Barberini
Born on September 18, 1961
Medal 14
#39059 overall rank
Umberto Orsini
As in: Umberto Orsini
Born on April 2, 1934